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She sings. She acts. She swims. She's MONTANA.
Montana was born in Brooklyn, NY, raised in Champaign-Urbana, IL, and lived her formative years back in the BK.
She has been a theater brat from a young age, going to see plays and musicals with her parents (who are both "in the business", as they say). She literally played on the set of Cats when she was 3 and was terrified of the costumes when there weren't people in them.

The first live production she remembers seeing was the Easter Special at Radio City in 1997. Since then, she cannot even count how many plays she's seen. Let's estimate, thousands. Some of her favorites have included Jerusalem (Broadway), As You Like It (Delacorte) and Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime (West End). Her favorite musical is Sweeney Todd and her favorite Shakespeare is Hamlet, if she absolutely HAD to choose just one.

Montana studied at Sarah Lawrence College and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts: Concentration in Theater. While she was at SLC she had the benefit of studying at the British American Drama Academy in London, UK for a whole year, where she got the bulk of her training in Shakespeare, High Comedy and Contemporary Physical Theater. 
Do not be fooled by her name...Although it seems like "Lampert" is her middle name, it is actually part of her last name. Two last names, no hyphen. Her full name is Montana Esther Motel Lampert Hoover; you are welcome to ask if you really want to know the derivation of all five names. However, her parents named her Montana because they wanted her "to be as beautiful and open as the state". *Eye roll*

Montana was a swimmer for 13 years.  She is dying to play Mrs. Lovett, one day, and would kill to play Queen Elizabeth in Richard III. She has always (secretly) wanted to join the Peace Corps.